Cycling Bib - Racing Team
Cycling Bib - Racing Team

Cycling Bib - Racing Team

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"High-end qualitative materials and perfect bib for ultra- and endurance racing"

The new classic-chic bike line from Kiwami combines elegance with performance, to look and feel good on the road! The urban sportswear design features minimalist dots, enhanced by the combination of technical fabrics

We have a new larger grip band around the bottom of the legs. The fabric is more breathable than previously, moisture wicking and the grip surface is 100% natural - there's no silicone so sensitive skin types won't get allergic reactions.

  • The wide straps provide comfort at the shoulders.
  • The thigh cuffs are held in place by a wide braid made of natural fibres to prevent any allergic reaction to silicone.
  • Made in France