Fast forward, not fast fashion

L'évidence, pour nous, en tant qu'artisan 100% français, c'est être à la fois responsable, durable, et exigeant sur la qualité.

Hélène et Craig WATSON, Co-founders of Kiwami

un engagement "vert" un futur propre

Depuis notre création en 2003, nous avons toujours privilégié une production juste, raisonnée, respectueuse de l'homme et de l'environnement, en choisissant des partenaires français ou européens en priorité.

Following the upheaval caused in the sports world by the COVID crisis in 2020 and 2021, Kiwami has rethought its handcrafted production model and now makes 98% of its production.

Thoughtful production at an artisanal pace

In 2023, Kiwami manufactures 98% of its production in its workshop in Pau and takes a new step to reduce the impact of its activity on the planet: we manufacture more and more to order in order to reduce our environmental footprint by using only the materials necessary for the manufacturing: no waste, no overstocking, and especially less waste. This is why there may be a slight delay in the delivery of your order but now you know why! With a little patience, help us in our commitment to 100% French manufacturing and to a greener and less polluted planet!

Better to repair than to throw away.

Repair workshop

Kiwami guarantees the zips and seams for 1 year and also offers a repair service.