Custom products order
When a customer confirms their quote request, Kiwami receives the custom product project. Upon receipt of the request, Kiwami checks the conformity of the design, colors, texts, and other general information that constitutes the project.
Kiwami reserves the right to accept customer designs and graphics, offer a service for the application of designs and graphics for an additional cost, or to refuse a customer's personalization order. A verification of the items provided (e.g. right of use for certain logos, texts, images, etc.) may be required before acceptance of a customer order. The written acceptance or rejection of a customer's personalization order will be sent by Kiwami via email.
If the project is accepted, the customer must finalize their purchase via a payment link (CB or PayPal) within 72 hours or 3 working days.
Once payment has been received, Kiwami sends a proof to the customer with a final mock-up allowing compliance to be verified. Digital proof is deemed contractual. Kiwami simulates printing digitally, based on elements received from the customer (colors, dimensions, etc.). Due to different types of screen resolution and the graphic quality of the files provided, the colors may differ between the visual rendering on a screen and the final product delivered. Kiwami can in no way be held responsible for this difference.
Kiwami asks the customer to check colors, texts, and other information that generally constitutes the project mock-up(s).

Customers may request minor changes to mock-ups (e.g. change of colors, text size, spelling errors, etc.). It is specified that beyond two requests for changes, additional costs will be charged. Any request to modify the mock-up will cause the production and delivery dates to be postponed because it is only after the validation of the final mock-up that the production process begins.
Upon receipt of the validation of the mock-up by the customer, the ordering process is initiated. No modification can be made and neither return nor exchange will be accepted (In accordance with article L.121-20-2 3 ° of the French Consumer Code).

Intellectual property
In the event that, as a user, a customer personalizes a product from our "Kiwami Custom" platform with an uploaded image which is not included in the Kiwami image catalog, the customer must guarantee that they have all the intellectual and industrial property rights of use, as well as any image or privacy rights concerning natural or legal persons that may exist, necessary for the exploitation of the image in the form or the way the customer wants. Customers grant Kiwmi a license to reproduce, communicate, distribute and transform uploaded images to the personalized product(s) ordered. Once a product is manufactured and sent to the delivery address, the license will be terminated. Customers release Kiwami from any liability for any claim by third parties arising from the illegal or criminal use of images subject to intellectual or industrial property, or rights to the image or to the privacy of individuals in products personalized through Kiwami websites.

Reproduction rights

The "Kiwami Custom" module contains graphics, images, models, text, fonts, (hereinafter referred to as "Content"). This site and all of its Content, including customer custom logos, are deemed property subject to the intellectual property rights of Kiwami or are the copyrighted property of the parties who have given Kiwami permission to use such property. It is strictly forbidden to keep, copy, distribute, publish or use any part of the Content except as expressly permitted in these terms of use. Kiwami reserves the right to add, remove or modify any part of the content at any time without prior notice and to offer similar logos, images, mock-ups to other customers.

Vous êtes personnellement responsable de l’utilisation que vous faites du Contenu en incorporant dans vos produits d’autres images, logos, graphismes, textes ou autres. Vous acceptez de n’inclure dans vos produits aucun texte, image, dessin, marque de fabrique ou de service, ni aucun travail dont les droits de propriété intellectuelle appartiennent à un tiers quelconque sans avoir obtenu préalablement les autorisations appropriées des propriétaires. Vous garantissez que vos Produits ne porteront atteinte à aucun droit d’une tierce partie, y compris droit de propriété intellectuelle, de marque déposée, droits de la personnalité et droit au respect de la vie privée, qu’ils ne calomnient ni ne diffament une tierce partie, et que vous avez tous les droits requis ou permissions nécessaires à l’incorporation de contenu d’une tierce partie dans vos Produits. En passant commande sur ce Site, vous garantissez que vous avez tous droit, permission et autorité nécessaires pour passer la commande et que vous autorisez Kiwami à fabriquer des Produits pour votre compte. Vous autorisez Kiwami à copier, modifier, créer des modèles et articles dérivés et vectoriser tout contenu téléchargé par vous, aux fins d'honorer votre commande. Vous garantissez disposer des droits suffisants pour autoriser Kiwami à copier, modifier, créer des modèles et articles dérivés et vectoriser tout contenu téléchargé, aux fins d'honorer votre commande.Customers are personally responsible for their use of the Content by incorporating other images, logos, graphics, texts or the like into their product(s). Customers agree not to include in their product(s) any text, images, designs, trademarks or service marks, or any work whose intellectual property rights belong to any third party without first obtaining the appropriate authorizations from the owners. Customers warrant that their product(s) will not infringe any right of a third party, including intellectual property rights, trademark, personality rights and the right to respect private life, that they will not slander or defame any third party, and that the customer has all the required rights or permissions necessary to incorporate third party content into their products. By placing an order on a Kiwami website, customers warrant that they have all the rights, permission and authority necessary to place the order and to authorize Kiwami to manufacture product(s) on their behalf. Customers authorize Kiwami to copy, modify, create models and derivative articles and vectorize any content uploaded by a customer, for the purpose of fulfilling their order. Customers warrant that they have sufficient rights to authorize Kiwami to copy, modify, create models and derivative articles and vectorize any downloaded content, for the purpose of fulfilling their order.

Kiwami's rights to use the designs, models produced.
By using "Kiwami Custom", Customers understand and accept that all the models produced and elements transmitted to Kiwami, are provided in a non-confidential manner. Customers grant Kiwami the non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, and copyright-free license and sub-license to use all designs, color associations, artistic creations, ideas or other creative work without notification, compensation or prior notice, and for any use that suits it, including but not limited to: development, marketing, commercialization, manufacture, modification, improvement, creation of derivative products, as well as the distribution of products and services.

Right of withdrawal

In accordance with article L.121-20-2 3 ° of the French Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized. Consequently, consumer right of withdrawal under the terms of Article L. 121-20 of the French Consumer Code can only be exercised for non-personalized products sold by Kiwami on their websites.