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Prima 2 junior trisuit Phuket
Sale price€100,00
Prima 2 junior trisuit for kids
Sale price€100,00
Prima 2 junior trisuit for kids
Sale price€100,00
Tokyo LD Aero tri suit
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Rio Amphibian Trisuit - Promo
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TRINERGY Trisuit - Promo
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Triathlon pour enfants

Nager, pédaler, courir

Is your child interested in starting triathlon? It’s a comprehensive sport that enhances physical and mental fitness through swimming, cycling, and running. "Varying sports brings varied pleasures and benefits."

Age Categories for Youth Triathlon:

  • 6 à 9 ans : Mini-Poussins et Poussins
  • 8 à 11 ans : Poussins et Pupilles
  • 10 à 13 ans : Pupilles et Benjamins
  • 12 à 19 ans : Benjamins – Minimes – Cadets – Juniors

From age 12 (Benjamins category), young athletes can participate in the XS Distance. At age 16 (Cadets category), they can access the S Distance. The distances are the same for both girls and boys.

The tri-suit is essential for young triathletes. This all-in-one suit allows seamless transitions between the three disciplines without changing outfits, ensuring comfort and efficiency. It enhances buoyancy and glide in the water, provides saddle comfort with its chamois padding, and remains comfortable for running.

Kiwami has specialized in tri-suits since 2003. Creating high-quality, custom, and eco-friendly triathlon gear is our core mission.

Artisanal and Eco-Responsible Production
Our Junior tri-suits are handcrafted with precision, using only the necessary materials, reducing waste and overstock. This minimizes environmental impact by generating less waste. Due to this production method, delivery times vary from 2 to 10 business days based on our workshop schedule.

High-Quality Materials
We use the same premium materials as our adult suits:

  • Water-repellent fabric: Pour un séchage rapide dès la sortie de l’eau.
  • Triathlon-specific chamois: Pour un confort optimal en selle.
  • Thigh grippers: Pour éviter que la trifonction remonte.
  • Rear zipper: Pour ajuster la ventilation et garder votre enfant au frais.

Comfort and performance
Our tri-suits are designed to provide maximum comfort and performance, allowing your child to focus on their race without distraction. They ensure better buoyancy and glide in the water, saddle comfort, and complete ease during the run.