SWIFT triathlon wetsuit

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Triathlon wetsuit, Kiwami style

 Kiwami's SWIFT limestone based neoprene triathlon wetsuit combines the technical characterisitcs of a high quality performance wetsuit with a pure, elegant style.

  • SWIFT features the optimal combination of flexibility and buoyancy for an ideal swimming position with a cut and variation of neoprenes designed to facilitate swimming movements. Particular attention has been paid to movements in the shoulder and torso areas.
  • 6 different neoprene types and thicknesses optimize floatation, body position, forearm catch and body roll.
  • The lower leg of the wetsuit features 3 cut lines along which you can safely cut the leg to the length that best suit you, freeing up the ankle area which promotes efficient kicking movements and faster transitions.

Face mask

Which size mask to choose?

We recommend :

  • Size S : Teenagers and very thin faces
  • Size M : Women and very thin faces
  • Size L : Men

Men's size chart

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Women's size chart

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Kid's size chart

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If your weight and height correspond to two different sizes, choose the larger one since Kiwami fit is tight. If you have any doubts, please contact our customer service by phone +33 5 59 32 29 36 or by email at contact@kiwamisports.com



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If this situation happens  due to a manufacturing defect, we will try to repair it or, failing that, offer you an exchange, refund or replacement with an equivalent product provided that the incident occurs within a reasonable period of time from the date of purchase. We do not guarantee the products in the event of a fall. Our paid repair service is there to help you in this case.


atelier réparation


Kiwami offers a repair service. In order to benefit from it, please read the different steps carefully. Please follow the instructions below;

-Contact the dedicated customer service department at contact@kiwamitriathlon.com
-In your e-mail, specify your name, surname, first name, date and place of purchase;
-Detail the problem encountered;
-Attach at least 2 photos of the problem (wide shot and zoom); A copy of the invoice.

/Without these elements, no return or repair can be processed.

When we receive your e-mail with all the above information, our workshop manager will examine and determine whether or not we can repair it. Our sales team will then provide you a quotation including the repair fee as well as the shipping costs.

For payment, a request by e-mail will be sent to you. Once the quotation has been validated, return the product to the following address and enclose the return slip sent.


ATTENTION: all items returned for repair must be washed and clean. We do not accept dirty or wet clothes.

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We reserve the right to refuse a repair due to excessive wear and tear, irreversible damage, stains or other reasons. We will, however, endeavour to offer you an alternative solution.



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Kiwami orders can be returned within 14 days for an exchange or refund. They must be in perfect condition, unwashed, in their original packaging and labelled.

This returns service is valid for products purchased on the kiwamisports.com website, for Kiwami products purchased in a retailer shop, please contact them directly.

To return an item for exchange or refund, please return the product, with a copy of the invoice, to the following address: KIWAMI 9 RUE AMPERE 64121 MONTARDON

it is the sole responsibility of the customer to organize and pay for sending the product back to Kiwami. KiWAMi will re-imburse you for the total amount you paid for the item excluding delivery costs.

tissu aérodynamique airfluence kiwami triathlon


SWIFT, la nouvelle combinaison néoprène de Kiwami, vous apportera toute la technicité, la flottabilité et le confort recherchés dans une combinaison de triathlon dédiée à la compétition. A la fois rapide dans l'eau et hors de l'eau, elle vous garantit une grande fluidité de mouvement dans la nage et une transition éclair.

Tout le savoir-faire de Kiwami a été injecté dans ce projet, pour aboutir à la même exigence de performance et de qualité que pour les trifonctions qui font la renommée de la marque.


From your very first strokes in te water you'll notice how the Kiwami SWIFT promotes a perfect body position, a high elbow catch and a dynamic body roll that activates your big strong back muscles. The Kiwami SWIFT wetsuit will inevitably help you with FASTER times in the water, whether you are an elite swimmer or not

Kiwami chooses to use premium high quality neoprenes that are non-petrol based and which best meet the specific needs of triathlon and open water swimming.

The cut, the placement of panels and the choice of neoprene types and thicknesses have been tested and approved so that the SWIFT wetsuit provides the absolute best balance of buoyancy and flexibility for swimming fast and comfortably.


Limestone neoprene

 Limestone neoprene

Limestone neoprene has a high micro-cell structure. These independent closed cells (containing air bubbles) within the neoprene are packed together at an extremely high density. Petrolium-based neoprene has a cell penetration of 60-70%, whereas limestone neoprene has a cell penetration of 94%. Limestone neoprene has over 30% more air bubbles inside the rubber, and is therefore less dense than petrolium-based neoprene. Because of this micro-cell structure, limestone neoprene provides distinct advantages to the functionality of wetsuits compared to traditional petrolium-based neoprene:

  • Lighter
  • Impermeable
  • Durable
  • Stretchy

 Aqua glue

La colle utilisée par kiwami pour assembler les panneaux de la combinaison de triathlon SWIFT est totalement exempte de produits chimiques : c'est une colle à base aqueuse, sans solvant et sans composés chimiques nocifs.

tissu aérodynamique airfluence kiwami triathlon


Avec plus de 6 qualités de néoprènes différents, Kiwami a positionné les panneaux par zone stratégique, pour libérer totalement votre mouvement.

  • 1.5mm on the shoulders provides optimal flexibility and thermal protection for this all-important area of the body. A neoprene too thick will restrict movement and a neoprene too thin won't provide enough thermal protection to keep the shoulder muscles moving efficiently in cold water : the super flexible 1.5mm neoprene used in the SWIFT is the perfect compromise.
  • 4mm neoprene on the quads, lower abdomen, buttocks, and hamstrings provides maximum buoyancy for this crucial area which dictates a swimmer's entire body position and drag coefficent in the water. Our Swift wetsuit is fastest with a maximum panel thickness of 4mm. 5mm panels put the body a little too high in the water, making arm and movements movements less efficient, while 4mm panels put the body in just the right position for an effective and natural swimming stroke.
  • 2mm neoprene at the neck and upper back is strong enough to keep water from entering the wetsuit and supple enough to move and breathe freely.
  • 1mm neoprene  on the lower arms ensures free elbow movement and facilitates fast transitions

Technologie Airdome - Aéroglissez

The chest and hip areas of the SWIFT wetsuit are composed of a 4 mm Airdome ® neoprene which traps air bubbles, increasing buoyancy and flexibility. Our tests convinced us that 4 mm is the ideal thickness for these panels. Extending the chest panel to cover the hips facilitates body roll and help activate larger back muscles in addition to the shoulders.

A 3mm neoprene is used over the lower back and front lower legs, aiding buoyancy and lower back support without restricting movement.

tissu aérodynamique airfluence kiwami triathlon
tissu aérodynamique airfluence kiwami triathlon

Hydrodynamic and extra flexible side panels facilitate maximum stroke extension

Kiwami has developped a side panel with a specific shape and using an extra flexible neoprene with super smooth "Shark Scale" prints. This panel helps facilitate maximum stroke extension and minimizes water friction, enabling the swimmer to move into the catch phase of the stroke more quickly without compromizing stroke length. Shark scale prints have also been used on the shoulders, a part of the body where there is a lot of water turbulence while swimming.

Positive Turbulence Forearm System

Kiwami has integrated ribbed catch panels on the inside forearms of the SWIFT suit. Inside forearms catch panels create turbulence under the forearms leading the elbow up while pulling your arm back. It helps bring the forearm into a vertical position as quickly as possible during the under water phase of the arm stroke

tissu aérodynamique airfluence kiwami triathlon
tissu aérodynamique airfluence kiwami triathlon

Bas de jambe personnalisable

The SWIFT has an ajustable leg length option, allow for a better fit. You can choose from 3 different leg lengths to safely and easily adapt the lower leg to your prefered length. Simply cut along the scissor line printed on the wetsuit, making sure to cut below the back-stich on the seam. Advantages include :  a perfect fit by eliminating bunching around the ankles and reducing drag. Ankles remain free, allowing for a good kicking technique and faster transitions.

  • Fast transitions
  • Optimal fitting


Limestone neoprene

Help protect our planets resources !!! Our neoprene is made from a limestone base, environment friendly and free of petro-chemicals. It also has a high micro-cell structure, containing over 30% more air inside the rubber.


The glue we use in our productions is 100% free of harsh chemicals; it is aqua-based glue, completely solvent free and containing no harmful chemicals.


Move freely, with our perfect shape.

Col doux

Le col a été raccourci pour une meilleure sensation de confort, facilitant la respiration tout en empêchant la moindre entrée d'eau.

Coutures renforcées

You'll notice by inspecting the inside that the SWIFT triathlon wetsuit is made with a particular attention to quality workmanship. All seams are glued, sewn and reinforced so that the seams are as strong as possible.

Scratch inversé

Contrary to most wetsuit brands, Kiwami places the soft velcro on the closing flap so that you won't be injured by the rough velcro rubbing against you neck when lifting or turning your head.


The reverse zip closure with maximum strength YKK zipper means that the wetsuit is closed when the zip is pulled downwards. This prevents the wetsuit from being pulled open while swimming.

Épaules colorées

As with the Aquarush, the SWIFT triathlon wetsuit has bright colored shoulder panels so that the swimmer remains visible from the shore for spectators and supporters.