REPAIR SERVICE: I made a hole in my triathlon outfit, what can I do?

Kiwami offers its customers a repair service. To benefit from it, please read the different steps carefully.

Follow the following instructions:

  1. Contact dedicated customer service at
  2. Specify in your email, name, first name, date and place of purchase;
  3. Detail the problem encountered;
  4. It is imperative to attach at least 2 photos of the problem (wide shot and Zoom); A copy of the invoice.

/!/ Without these elements, no returns or repairs can be processed.

Upon receipt of your email with all of the above information, our workshop manager will review and determine whether or not a repair can be carried out.

Our sales team will then offer you a quote including handling of your problem as well as shipping costs. For payment, an email request will be sent to you.

Once the quote has been validated, return the product to the following address and attach the return receipt sent.


PLEASE NOTE: All items returned for repair must be washed and clean. We do not accept dirty or wet clothes.

Upon receipt of your product, the repair time is 1 to 3 weeks. Please note that our workshop is closed throughout the month of August. Your repair requests will therefore be processed in September.