Kiwami offers a customers a repair service. In order to benefit from it, please read carefully the different steps.

Follow the directions below;

  1. Contact the dedicated customer service at
  2. Specify in your e-mail, your last name, first name, date and place of purchase;
  3. Detail the problem encountered;
  4. Join at least 2 photos of the problem (wide shot and Zoom);
  5. A copy of the invoice.

Without these elements, no return or repair can be processed.

Upon receipt of your e-mail with all the above information, our team will review and determine whether a repair can be performed or not.

Our sales team will then send you a quote including the repairing costs as well as the shipping costs. For payment, an e-mail request will be sent to you.

Once the quote has been validated, return the product to the following address. 




CAUTION: All items returned for repair must be washed and clean. We do not accept dirty or wet clothes.

The average repair time goes from 1 to 3 weeks. It should be noted that our workshop is closed all the month of August. Your repair requests will be processed in September.