Kiwami trail top pro, the perfect balance

Be at one with your equipment.

Experience the world's most polyvalent trail running top, which allows you to carry all your equipment ergonomically and within reach. Achieve the perfect balance by placing your most needed items in any of the 9 anatomical pockets for the best weight distribution and easy access. Kiwami's durable stretch fabrics and adjusted fit eliminate equipment movement and irritations.



Carry more and weigh less.

Along with its multiple secure pockets and technical functionalities, the Trail Top Pro weighs only 200 g and allows you to easily carry at least 1.5 kg of essential equipment, eliminating the need for a backpack (which weighs on average 400 g) Your fluids & nutrition, headlamp, rain jacket, keys, phone and other necessities are all stored, within hand reach for easy acces.

maillot-de-trail-equilibrium-Tr-top-pro-kiwami-exemple-d-utilsiation (2)

Ergonomic positioning for a perfect balance.

The placement of the 9 pockets on the upper body has been carefully studied for the practice of trail running : easy access, symmetrical loading, new carry zones (ex. base of the neck ) and better use of abdominal and lumbar zones. Even when fully loaded the pockets hold equipment firmly for optimal comfort.

trail top avec plusieurs poches

equilibrium trail top with multiple bags