How should I wash my triathlon outfit?

Your KIWAMI triathlon outfit is a highly technical product designed for performance. In order to preserve its technicality, cut and color, we advise you to respect our maintenance rules and our products.


For a better longevity of your outfit, we strongly recommend hand washing with mild soap and rinsing in clean water.

 If, however, you wish to use your washing machine, we advise you to:

  • Close the zip before putting your outfit in the washing machine;
  • Always wash the garment inside out;
  • Wash at cold or very low temperature (below 30°C, fragile program, lingerie or wool) with a gentle spin so as not to break the fibers;
  • Use a mild liquid detergent, specially designed for sporting goods (do not use chlorine, bleach, bleach, softeners, perfumes or dyes);
  • Wash your Kiwami triathlon outfit separately from your street clothes;
  • Lay your outfit directly flat as soon as you finish your machine. It is important not to leave it wet for several hours in your machine;



  • DO NOT USE A DRYER OR IRON, your outfit may shrink and lose its technical quality;
  • Drying should be done naturally, away from direct sunlight and heat sources (without twisting your outfit to drain it so as not to risk deforming it);< /li>
  • Use clothespins that do not break the fiber or risk snagging fabric stitches;
  • Store your Kiwami outfits in a dry, ventilated place. Avoid damp places.

To extend the life of your Kiwami products, please pay particular attention to the following points:

Triathlon and trail-running products: our triathlon outfits are intended for competitive use only and are not designed to be worn during every training session. Do you use your carbon wheels during your training???? 

Please note: for outfits made from white fabric, be aware that they will obviously be more subject to dirt and stains (sweat, cream, felt, bib number marking, etc.) than dark fabrics.

 Swimming Products: our advice for caring for your swimsuit

  • Rinse/wash your swimsuit with clean water or mild soap after each use, chlorine and salt are the worst enemies of your swimsuit because they destroy the elastane fibers contained in the fabric;< /li>
  • Wring without twisting or stretching your swimsuit too much and let it dry in a dry place away from the sun.
  • In the washing machine, use a cycle for delicate laundry or lingerie and place it in a net.